1and1 Webmail Login

Video demonstration and instructions on how to use the 1and1 Webmail Login:

Logging In:

1. The best way to start is to go straight to the source. https://webmailcluster.perfora.net/xml/config/Webmail_Login;jsessionid=091240B500306CC1D6D8DFA99120F9C4.TCpfix15b This link will send you directly to the necessary login page for either the webmail 2.0 or the mailxchange packages. 
2. On this page, there are some distracting tabs and animations, but it is best to ignore them for now. As long as you still have the "E-Mail Login" tab on the page still open, you can start entering in your information.
3. The first information you need to include is your email address. This is nice, because it eliminates the need to remember both a username and an email address.
4. Now, go to the right, to the area where you enter in your email address. Go ahead and type your password here.
5. The last step for the login involves continuing moving to the right, to the button that says "login." Click on this button and you should be logged in. If there were any problems with the login process, just follow the steps in the next section so you can reset your password. 


Resetting your Password:

1. Sadly, this process is not so easy as most websites make it. Follow these insructions, and you should be back to your email soon enough, though. Visit this site to get started: https://www.1and1.com/login?__reuse=1369868026185
2. Yes, you are in the 1and1 control panel, not the webmail login, but you need to go here first.
3. Input your user ID and password in the fields provided on this page.
4. Now, click on the blue login button under the typing sections.
5. You will now either be at, or you will need to select the administration page for your email account. Once there, click the link that says "manage email users."
6. From here, select "show settings" from the drop down menu that appears in the settings tab near the top of the page.
7. Now, under the blue email address section, you will notice a button that says "change password." Click on that button.
8. Enter your new password into the fields provided. Make sure you do it correctly twice, and remember how you entered it in, so you don't have to forget again.

Contact Information:

1. Technical Support Phone Number: 1-866-991-2631
2. Email Technical Support: support@1and1.com